The calm before Harvest 2014


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The soybeans are turning, the corn is drying down, and we’ve got three little boys on our farm who are anxious to log some series time riding in the combines, tractors, and semis with their parents, uncles, grandparents and treasured friends. I must admit that I enjoy the changing of the seasons that I get to experience as a Hoosier and Midwestern farmwife, though fall has some serious sentiments in my heart that the other seasons just can’t seem to compete with. I fell in love with my husband in the fall. I fell in love with farming in the fall. I became a mother in the fall. The leaves on the trees turn beautiful, vibrant colors in the fall. The mornings are crisp and usually warm to a nice temperature during the day – and best of all – our farm finally gets to reap what we’ve sown in the fall. After months of working with Mother Nature, praying that she will help nourish and water our crops – we finally get our combines out and see how all our and mother nature’s hard work has paid off.

These last few weeks our farmers have been busy preparing all of the equipment (combines; tractors; the auger wagon; tillage equipment; semis and grain trailers; our grain drying and storage facility to name a few) and mentally preparing themselves for the long days ahead of them. The Kakasuleff farm wives have been searching through our cook books and recipes trying to get a plan for all the tailgating that’s to occur over the next several months. I can’t fully express in words the excitement I feel in my belly for harvest. My favorite job on the farm is “combine driver cheerleader” so I too am stoked for my upcoming annual combine rides with the hubster.

There are so many fun activities to take part of in the fall – I hope if you’re not a farmer you and your family enjoy many of these activities this year. The calm before Harvest 2014 has arrived on our farm, and your local Fashionista Farmwife is anxious as ever for her first combine ride of the year.


The Fashionista Farmwife